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A One Stop Shop

Our "One Stop Shop" approach enables us to provide our customers with world beating Supply Chain Execution Systems. We work directly with leading suppliers to source the best possible business solution for you.

Our partners are divided into broad groups:

  1. Computer Hardware Sont-IAI will run on any UNIX or NT Server, and Interact Int can source them for you.
  2. Radio Data Systems We can supply the Radio Data Terminals that your operators will use within the warehouse.
  3. Complementary Systems Interact Int can also supply, with standard interfaces, complimentary applications that cover carrier selection. This software will select the carrier to use taking into account the best cost and delivery method to meet service level criteria. In conjunction with Sont-IAI this will automate the selection of carriers and print labels in their compliant formats with the right consignment and tracking numbers. You own fleet can be scheduled and this schedule fed back into Sont-IAI and used to drive the order of priority for picking. When the picks are complete we can load the truck in reverse drop order by RDT.
  4. Business Intelligence - We can supply an integrated suite of extremely easy to use and quick to learn products. You can be producing Ad Hoc Queries and Reports from Sont-IAI in about 30 minutes or less! These queries can be performed across different databases and results can be e-mailed or viewed over the Internet through a web browser. By using secure "canned" queries, your customers can view the progress of their orders over the World Wide Web.
  5. ERP Vendors software suppliers whose applications interface to best of breed systems like Sont-IAI.
  6. Implementation Partners - Our worldwide implementation services are a great success due to our dedicated base of international partners who work alongside Interact Int to ensure a high quality implementation anywhere in the world.