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Sont-IAI has been designed to support the leading methods employed within warehouse operations - providing functions to plan both work and resources, to monitor progress and to control activities efficiently and accurately.

The system is modular and flexible; providing options to control storage and stock selection, together with a wide choice of handling strategies. Inventory and location validations may be defined by product or by work zone. All tasks are recorded for analysis and performance measurement.

An intuitive Windows user interface makes training straightforward. Radio data terminal users may be system directed or may elect to manually specify assignments.

Advanced features include wave planning, resource scheduling, productivity measurement and real time prioritization of all warehouse activity.

Additionally, using our multi-site functionality, numerous warehouses can be controlled from a single site.

Real-time stock counting eliminates the need to suspend operations from physical inventory checks.

The technology employed by Sont-IAI means that the system can be easily customized to meet the unique requirements of your operation, products or industry. Because Sont-IAI is a client server system, authorized users may access information from any location on your PC network.

Sont-IAI provides a full range of management reports and graphical presentations of information. A powerful report writer is available to allow you to easily produce your own management reports.

The Sont-IAI database supports remote access by other SQL systems; while standard interfaces ensure that the system can be easily interfaced to other business systems. It may also be connected to customers or suppliers via EDI links.

The system has been designed to support multiple languages - simultaneously.

The modular structure of Sont-IAI allows easy implementation of upgrade releases.