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Sont-IAI for 3rd Party Operations:

Interact Int has been taking a close look at the needs of "Third Party" and "Public" or "Shared User" warehouses. As a result of this, the latest release of the world class Sont-IAI Warehouse Management System now includes functionality to meet these requirements.

Operators in the following groups:

  • Public Warehousing
  • 3rd Party Contractors
  • Shared User Sites
  • Owner Operators who re-charge internally
  • Companies with many brands in one site

Can expect the additional functionality and benefits below:

  • Standard Interfaces to ERP Systems such as SAP, Oracle Applications, BAAN, PreSoft and One World allow operators a low cost and fast track implementation of new customer contracts by having an inbuilt ability to accept orders electronically.
  • Accurate and verifiable transaction log allows easy reporting of chargeable move tasks - reducing man hours involved in production of invoices.
  • Simultaneous use of different picking methodology - for example, you can use wave picking for customer 1 at the same time as pick to order for customer 2 and either can be on paper Interact Intt or by RDT.
  • Cross docking of mixed pallets - reduces handling costs.
  • Interfaces to automation: sortation, conveyors and "dark" warehouses.
  • Inventory can be classed by "owner", "origin", "condition" and "batch" allowing picking allocation by criteria such as "Inventory for Customer #1 from Factory 2 where condition = 'return' and batch = 27b".
  • Inventory transaction log provides Batch traceability.
  • Track customer orders into numbered containers on numbered pallets.
  • "Who picked what and when" queries.
  • Serial number capture allows warranty tracing.
  • Easy reporting of pallet and cube occupied by customer's inventory.
  • "Electronic Ownership" allows mixing of different customers stock in same area - saving warehouse space.
  • Secure Access for customers to view their stock only.
  • User Configurable Functionality allows variation in operating methods on one release of software - the same software can run many sites with different methods of operation.
  • This same configurability allows 3rd party operators to rapidly respond to changing customer requirements.
  • User Configurable Functionality allows no cost pilot schemes at short notice - you can change methods of operation and if they do not bring expected benefits, you can quickly and easily drop back to the old method.
  • Kitting allows assembly and value added tasks to be automatically routed to speciaInteract Intt locations.
  • Products automatically select a dynamic pick face according to ABC and Size/Handling criteria.
  • EDI ASNs for receipts and delivery.
  • Integrated data warehousing with "query over the web" access for customers.
  • Interface to vehicle scheduling.
  • Integrated carrier selection algorithms - automatically providing lowest cost for a given service level.
  • Multiple languages on same system allow global use of the same software.