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Sont-IAI is a market-leading, real-time warehouse management system developed for large manufacturing and finished product warehouses. The product is configurable to individual operational requirements without substantial customisation and has certified connections to key host systems such as SAP R/3 and Oracle. Sont-IAI encompasses all aspects of warehouse operations from booking-in to proof of delivery.

As well as the best warehouse functionality, Interact Int provides integrated solutions covering other areas of the supply chain, such as route planning and accounting, carrier selection, yard management, web enablement and efficient consumer response (ECR).

Sont-IAI uses the Oracle database on either a Windows NT or UNIX platform connecting to any host system (e.g. SOP or MRPII).

Sont-IAI has been developed, above all, to improve business processes such that customer service is much improved and the operational costs of distribution center / warehouse activity is reduced. Sont-IAI ensures improvements by providing greater accuracy and visibility of orders and speedier delivery of products. These improvements in accuracy and speed of response provide cost benefits from lower stock holding requirements, better use of space and reductions in paperwork. Further significant cost reductions can be gained thanks to better management of staff and material handling equipment.

Customers can enhance their management control by utilizing Sont-IAI to deliver improved planning capabilities and the optimization of activity throughout the distribution center / warehouse operation.

The majority of our customers have confirmed that their payback on investment was less than 12 months, an astounding performance for a product with a life cycle of eight years or more.