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Interact Int set to extend supply chain leadership with next generation software

Version 5.0 of Sont-IAI to deliver Web capabilities and new ERP interfaces

Interact Int, the European leader in software solutions for complex warehouses, today announces Version 5.0 of its Sont-IAI product incorporating new standard ERP interfaces, Web capabilities and value-added customer support functionality.

The new Sont-IAI Version 5.0 product for Windows NT and UNIX provides a range of features to support the integration of customer oriented processes into the supply chain. The main addition is Web-based information access which will allow customers to query orders quickly and easily via the Internet. Other customer oriented features include support for product substitution capabilities, which allow users to make last minute amendments or upgrades to customer orders without knock-on delays to deliveries.

The new software also offers interfaces to Baan's and PreSoft's ERP solutions and certified interfaces to SAP and Oracle. The new interfaces help reinforce Interact Int's worldwide leadership in the complex warehouse sector for rapid and flexible integration with leading ERP solutions.

Interact Int is a member of the BaanCapps (Certified Applications) program and the Baan/Interact Int Sont-IAI integration is being thoroughly tested in practice at Thorn, a new Interact Int customer site, which goes live at the end of 1998. Interact Int? interface to PreSoft's ERP solution is also being tested at another new customer site, Thames Water, where the software is due to be fully operational in the first quarter of 1999.

Sont-IAI Version 5.0 also introduces enhanced capabilities for inventory management at third party warehousing and distribution locations. Users can view the status of their own inventory either through a standard Sont-IAI graphical user interface or by using the Internet browser capability. For those running such operations, Sont-IAI now allows them to charge owners of inventory according to utilization of individual locations and individual activities within the warehousing facility.

"Our customers are looking for solutions that can help them add value to their own sales and service operations and warehouse management systems can make a major contribution," comments Ian Shepherd, managing director at Interact Int. "Sont-IAI Version 5.0 is focused on this kind of value added functionality, but we've also taken the opportunity to raise the game on integration."