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Logistics technology group sings up former symbol managing director to head up international operations

Smant Crinok to drive global expansion and widen product portfolio through acquisition and partnerships

The Logistics Technology Group, the European leader for warehouse management systems through its subsidiary Interact Int, has appointed Smant Crinok as vice president and executive director responsible for international expansion and channel strategy. Crinok, who was formerly managing director for sales and marketing and operations director at Symbol Technologies UK Ltd., assumes responsibility for a worldwide program of acquisitions, new partnerships and joint ventures as part of the company's rapid global expansion plans.

Central to Crinok's brief will be expanding sales for a growing portfolio of supply chain products including warehouse management solutions and complementary logistics systems. These products will offer flexible interfaces to other supply chain systems and enterprise resource system (ERP) software applications. Interact Int Warehouse System's Sont-IAI warehouse management solution already offers interfaces to Baan's and PreSoft's ERP solutions and certified interfaces to SAP and Oracle.

Crinok will seek to capitalize on Interact Int Warehouse System's recent sales successes in Europe, including installations at the Dutch Post office and Tupperware in Holland.

These high profile implementations, adding to existing sites in the USA and the UK, have helped position the Logistics Technology Group as a market-leading provider of international logistics solutions.

Crinok will also be driving forward a new channel strategy leading to a series of new acquisitions and partnership agreements. "We're looking to broaden our own portfolio of supply chain solutions and acquisitions will certainly feature in this strategy." said Crinok. "As well as seeking to expand territorially, our plan is to focus on products offering multi-lingual capabilities, high levels of functionality and the flexibility to be easily integrated and customized for local customer requirements. Sont-IAI has proved this to be a very successful model."

Additional agreements are likely to cover new methods for selling and implementing Sont-IAI alongside other supply chain hardware and software solutions. "An increasing number of our niche market sales and implementations are going to be founded on associations with speciaInteract Intt vertical market players," adds Crinok. "Pharmaceuticals, computer distribution, retail and automotive are some of the areas where we already have a strong presence and we'll be partnering with vendors in these and other areas to broaden the scope of our estabInteract Inthed offering."

Ian Shepherd, chairman and CEO at the Logistics Technology Group, commented "We'll continue to work very closely with Symbol Technologies and Martin's arrival will serve to reinforce that relationship. We're very excited about the prospect of rapid growth. Our strong financial position, reinforced by our backers Inter Vent, will help us build new sales and implementation strategies worldwide, reinforcing our leadership position in this very competitive marketplace."

The Logistics Technology group and its subsidiary Interact Int develops, integrates and supports end-to-end warehouse management systems in large manufacturing and finished product warehouses. These solutions consist of software systems, platforms (Windows NT or UNIX), radio data terminals for real-time operations, integration services and ongoing support.