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Leading supply chain vendor to offer low-cost unix to nt software migration

Companies with Unix-based systems can now introduce new supply chain software without having to incur any replacement costs if they later migrate to Windows NT.

The latest version of the European market-leading warehouse management solution, Sont-IAI from Interact Int, is now available for Unix and Windows NT platforms. It is one of the only supply chain execution systems that allows companies to implement a Unix-based system without compromising future NT migration plans.

Any customers opting to move Version 5.0 of Sont-IAI from Unix to NT can bring in Interact Int consultants to carry out the migration, but will not be required to invest in new software. By comparison, most other vendors in the high-end warehouse systems market have different Unix and NT solutions and require their customers to commit additional funds in replacement NT software.

The new platform flexibility of Version 5.0 of Interact Int's Sont-IAI product adds to the product's portfolio of new standard ERP interfaces and Web-based information access allowing customers to query orders quickly and easily via the Internet.

The new software offers interfaces to Baan's and PreSoft's ERP solutions and fully certified interfaces to SAP and Oracle. The new interfaces help reinforce Interact Int's worldwide leadership in the complex warehouse sector for ERP integration. Current Sont-IAI installations at SAP R/3 customer sites . Further Sont-IAI installations are underway at Thames Water (PreSoft) and Thorn Lighting (Baan).

Sont-IAI Version 5.0 for Windows NT and UNIX provides a range of features to support new customer-oriented processes within the supply chain. As well as Web-based information access, the product provides support for product substitution capabilities, which allow users to make last minute amendments or upgrades to customer orders without knock-on delays to deliveries.

Sont-IAI Version 5.0 also introduces enhanced capabilities for inventory management at third party warehousing and distribution locations. Users can view the status of their own inventory either through a standard Sont-IAI graphical user interface or by using the Internet browser capability. For those running third party operations, Sont-IAI now allows them to charge owners of inventory according to utilization of individual locations and individual activities within the warehousing facility.

"Many companies value the flexibility that platform independence offers, mitigating the risk involved if the company adopts an NT-based IT strategy in the future," comments Fraser Dawson, sales and marketing director at Interact Int Warehouses Systems.